Thursday, October 22, 2009

Crombie McNeill Workshop at the Byward Market -- Charlotte

Charlotte was not feeling well this day. I had the impression from the day that I did not capture many images of her, so it was with some surprise that I ended up processing several images of her last night. I am quite pleased with the results.

The first image I chose was one in the blazing sunlight. This one works better than the Erin image from the same location because of the clothing. The jacket provides more interest to compensate for the really flat lighting.

Crombie suggested that I try to see what I could get from an indented, partially shaded, store front with a couple of mannequins in the window. Interestingly, these looked a little like Charlotte for fairly obvious reasons: Charlotte is a fashion model and these mannequins were clearly designed to the same goals.

I took the risk of shooting across the very narrow alcove using a very wide lens ... the Sigma 10-20mm shot at 10mm, which is an ultra-wide 15mm on my APS-C sensor. She is all legs here, exactly what I was going for.

I really can't remember at which location we shot this one ... I think it was the pub.

This next one was definitely the pub, against a rather nice wall with a fishing mural.

Much later, at the second last location for Charlotte, I caught this awesome wind-swept look with a terrific high-fashion expression. I think this might be one of my better images of her.

And finally, she crept in behind a piece of wall-art and posed for a while. The background is so brutally bland that I had to spice the image up with a bit of harsh processing.

I quite like this result, despite the blown out jacket.

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